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Thug jailed for role in gang's £40,000 Highland home invasion theft

By Philip Murray

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A THUG who was part of a masked gang who stole more than £40,000 from the home of a terrified Highland family was jailed today (Wednesday) for five years and seven months.

Kyle Rossiter (23) was one of up to six raiders who burst into the bungalow near Beauly on October 19, 2020.

A man and his wife – both aged 59 – along with other family members were there at time.

The mob demanded to know the whereabouts of another relative, who apparently owed £90,000. They mistakenly thought he lived there.

One of the gang – described as the "ringleader" – was clutching a knife. Rossiter meantime had armed himself with a poker.

As curtains were pulled shut to stop anyone peering in, the family were ordered to sit down and that a safe be opened.

Prosecutor Alan Parfery told the High Court in Glasgow: "The males put the safe in the middle of the living room floor and told them they would start chopping off fingers until it was open.

"They said it made no difference to them if they had to stab the entire family.

"They said they had been 'paid to do this, so do not f*** with us'."

Former sous chef Rossiter, of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, whacked the safe with the poker to try and get inside it.

Phones were taken from members of the family and shoved down the toilet.

The mob again demanded to know where their relative was as he was wanted "down the road" by their "boss".

The victims – described as being in "extreme distress" – pleaded they had no contact with him.

One of the assailants turned on the husband and warned he would stab his family.

Mr Parfery: "He stated that there were males outside in a van with guns who would shoot them if he did not comply with their demands to open the safe."

The scared man eventually agreed and the gang bagged "in excess" of £40,000 that was inside.

They also removed a CCTV hard drive from the property along with a wi-fi router.

Some members of the family had their hands bound with towels, cables and a belt before the gang fled.

Police later learned of the raid and a hunt began to catch the gang.

DNA linked Rossiter to being involved. He was caught in Glenrothes, Fife, in January 2021.

Rossiter pleaded guilty to being involved with un-named others in the abduction, assault and robbery.

Judge Douglas Brown said: “The offence you pled guilty to is serious.

“This was a terrifying ordeal for these people and it was clearly the intention of you and the others involved.

“You are 23 now and 20 at the time of the offence which means you fall into the Scottish sentencing guidelines on young people.

“I have to have regard to your maturity at the time which can affect culpability and blameworthiness as well as rehabilitation.

“The reporter of your background report says you have a lack of maturity towards your criminal lifestyle and there is no evidence of impulsive behaviour on your part as it was planned in advance.

“Due to your age and the circumstances, I will restrict your sentence.”

Welcoming the sentencing, Detective Chief Inspector Craig Still said: “This was extremely terrifying ordeal for Rossiter’s victims and he will now have to face the consequences of his despicable actions.

“I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the public for their assistance with this enquiry.

“Threatening behaviour and robbery will not be tolerated in our area and we will always work tirelessly to ensure that such offenders are brought before the courts.”

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