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Highland Faithfuls in The Traitors survive episode 2

By Annabelle Gauntlett

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BBC's series two of The Traitors continues.
BBC's series two of The Traitors continues.

WARNING: Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't yet watched it.

International smash hit BBC TV series The Traitors returned to our screens yesterday – and there will be even more Highland interest in series two after a couple of Inverness women were named among the contestants.

After the first episode, three contestants were chosen by the show's host, Claudia Winkleman, to be the first three traitors amongst the group.

Harry (21), Ash (45) and Paul (36) were given the responsibility of becoming a traitor and therefore deceiving their team-mates into believing they were faithful in a bid to win up to £120,000. But who are the best liars in this sneaky game?

Two of the contestants, Evie (29) and Tracey (58) are from Inverness and remained faithful in the first episode, however in a game like this, nothing is certain and everything can change.

Tonight's episode started with the bombshell that Miles (36), who Evie had initially connected with, had been recruited as the fourth traitor.

Miles was warmly welcomed to 'the dark side' and was mind blown to discover who the other traitors were.

He said: "Being a traitor puts me in the game and I'm excited. I want to be the last man standing."

The four traitors soon gathered together to decide who would be the first to be 'murdered' (eliminated from the game), with both Kyra (21) and Jaz (30) exempt from the first disqualification after they took the shield's that guaranteed them survival during the challenge in episode one.

All of the faithfuls made their way to the castle for breakfast, except for one after they were "murdered" by the traitors that night.

The remaining 21 contestants, excluding the four traitors, were shocked to find out Aubrey (67) had been eliminated from the game.

Aubrey said: "I think I have been murdered because I am too observant and I was a threat to the traitors, and they could see that.

"I said what I saw, perhaps I should have kept quiet, I'm not sure, but whatever!

"They've made a big mistake."

One of the deceitful traitors, Paul, said it felt 'lovely' to 'kill' (eliminate) Aubrey.

He added: "The nice ones I 'murder', I get a sweet taste after, like really rich dark chocolate."

The faithfuls were then given the opportunity to banish a traitor, however who would be their first guess?

Evie and Ross (28) became weary of Zack (27) after he said he would 'sleep easy that night' in the taxi home after the first challenge.

However, after Sonja (66) stirred the pot about the comment Zack made amongst the others during an open discussion, their suspicions changed to her.

The contestants then prepared themselves for the second mission of the game with the chance of adding £6000 to the prize fund.

During the second challenge half of the contestants had to stay outside the castle grounds in groups of three to find a selection of local bird species and mimic their call to those who were in the castle.

Those in the castle had the job to find the correct replica for the birds.

There were three shields up for grabs in this challenge, which would in turn guarantee three people survival in the next elimination.

Zack was the first contestant to win the group £1000 as he found for the first bird.

Andrew (45) teamed up with Paul and Anthony (45) to look for the shields that would selfishly protect them rather than co-operate with the team as they worked against the clock to complete the challenge and add to the prize fund.

Paul, Andrew and Anthony were the three to find the shields that ensured they would survive that night.

Soon it was time to assemble around the ominous round table again to find out who they thought was a traitor and would subsequently be banished from the game.

The majority of the contestants voted for Sonja as the suspected traitor, including Evie, while Tracey voted for Anthony.

Sonja revealed to the group that she was in fact a faithful before being banished from the castle.

Tracey said: "I was absolutely gutted Sonja got banished."

The episode ended on another cliff hanger as none of the traitors were identified or even suspected.

Tension grew as anticipation of who was next to be 'murdered' by the traitors awaits.

With all left to play for, who will slip up?

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