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WATCH: Plastic's not fantastic for environmental campaigner disappointed with arrival of 'migrating duck'; Norwegian activist keen to strengthen links with Ullapool Sea Savers in bid to turn the tide on marine nightmare

By Hector MacKenzie

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AN environmental activist from Norway was tickled this week to see a picture of a plastic bottle he cleared from the coastline appear on the Ross-shire Journal's website within the hour.

Plastic warrior Kenneth Bruvik – who has established strong links with a Wester Ross environmental group – believes that global connections forged between like-minded activists are vital to raising awareness amongst the wider population as a whole and turning the tide on a major problem.

Mr Bruvik posted a picture of a half-empty bottle of Duck toilet cleaner beach he rescued from a stretch of shoreline near Bergen this week with Ullapool Sea Savers, a group of young campaigners who have already captured a global audience thanks to spots on TV documentaries and determined lobbying of those in power.

The Ross-shire group posted: ""At this time of year we see many species migrating between countries.

"Sadly this duck showed up in Norway from Scotland and was not the type they want to welcome. A half-full container of toilet cleaning bleach is not meant to be in the sea.

"If you are out on a boat either for fun, travel or work, please don't throw your rubbish over the side. Not only does rubbish migrate with the seas but much of it ends up on the sea bed (some reports estimate up to 95 per cent of plastic rubbish remains at sea) breaking down

Mr Bruvik, who works on environmental issues with school students, has been involved in raising awareness of the dangers of plastic to the marine environment for the past 24 years.

In a call to the Ross-shire Journal, he said: "I am very engaged with the plastic issue. I'm very keen to stop plastic going into the ocean. I was delighted to see that picture being picked up by your website – when things like that happen, we can bring about change."

Kenneth Bruvik with the bottle that helped spark a connection with a new audience in Ross-shire and beyond. Picture: Kenneth Bruvik
Kenneth Bruvik with the bottle that helped spark a connection with a new audience in Ross-shire and beyond. Picture: Kenneth Bruvik

He was inspired to later post a short video of his discovery with an appeal to people to keep the wrong kind of ducks out of the water.

He has met Noel Hawkins who works closely with Ullapool Sea Savers and plans returning to Scotland later this year if travel restrictions permit to work on a documentary highlighting issues close to his heart.

He said: "I want to start a dialogue and find solutions. Raising awareness is very important.

"I sometimes wish I could turn around the Gulf Stream. It's our river of plastic. Thousands of things come with the current."

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