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'Seriously small and inadequate show of prime cattle' at Dingwall Mart sale fails to satisfy growing demand

By Hector MacKenzie

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The growing demand wasn't met at the cattle sale today.
The growing demand wasn't met at the cattle sale today.

DINGWALL and Highland Marts Ltd sold eight prime cattle and 1304 prime sheep today.

And a no-nonsense assessment described it as "a seriously small and inadequate show of prime cattle" selling at increased rates on the week.

It stated: "More are required on a weekly basis to satisfy the growing demand we have in Dingwall."

Prime bullocks (2) averaged 246.4p (-2.0p) and sold to 250.0p per kg for a 595kg Limousin cross from Bridgend Farm, Dingwall selling to John M Munro, Dingwall and £1,494.45 gross for a 615kg Limousin cross also from Bridgend farm.

Prime heifers (6) averaged 252.3p (+7.6p) and sold to 258.0p per kg and £1,780.20 gross for a 690kg Charolais Cross from Shoreton Farms Culbokie.

Other leading prices per kg:

Heifers: Shoreton Farms, (LimX), 256.0p, Bridgend Farm, (LimX), 251.0p & 248.0p, Shorecroft, Culbokie, (LimX), 250.0p, (twice).

Other leading prices per head:

Heifers: Shoreton Farms, (LimX), £1,600.00, Shorecroft, (LimX), £1,550.00 & £1,1537.50, Bridgend, £1,500.40 & £1,355.40.

Also sold were 1304 prime sheep.

Old season lambs (1008) averaged 267.0p (+11.5p) and sold to 295.7p and £141gross.

Feeding sheep (296) sold to £262 gross.

Old season lambs (1008) averaged 267.0p (+11.5p) and sold to 295.7p for a pair or 47kg Beltex crosses from Torgorm, Conon Bridge selling to Fraser Brother Butchers, Dingwall and £141 gross for a 57kg Texel cross from Enyhallow, Conon Bridge.

Feeding sheep (296) sold to £262 gross for a Texel ewe from Wester Moy, Urray.

The verdict: “Hoggs today met a brisk trade throughout as yet again all classes were dearer. Handy weighted export hoggs were the keenest sought after commodity. Another decent number of ewes forward saw heavy ewes in the keenest demand. The leaner end was easier as more lambing disasters are coming to the fore. Nevertheless a fantastic average of £124.69 recorded.

Other leading prices per head and per kg

Old season lambs: BeltX – Torgorm, £139, £127, 276.1p Shoreton Farms, Culbokie, £116, 282.9p, 274.78p; TexX - Easter Dalziel Farm, Dalcross, £138.50, £119, £118, 250.5p, Kempfield Croft, Culbokie, £138, Baniskirk Mains, Halkirk, £136, 260.7p, Torgorm, £131, £129.50, £128, £127, £120, 294.4p, 292.0p, 290.9p, 282.4p, 275.5p, Wester Moy, Urray, £127, 254.0p,Ardnagrask, Muir of Ord, £126, Glebe Farm, Kiltarlity, £125, £119, 268.3p, 260.4p , 255.9p, South Clunes Farm, Kirkhill, £125, £120.50, 259.1p, Shoreton Farms, £124.50, £120, 292.7p, 276.7p, 271.4p, The Cloy, Fortrose, £122.50, 263.4p, Teawig, Beauly, £119,283.3p, Teanroit, Beauly, £117, 257.1p, Mains of Draidland, Gamrie, 263.3p, Fairview, Nethybridge, 257.7p, Rosebrae Farm, Elgin, 255.4p; Chev – Braeside, Strathpeffer, £134, £126.50, £122.50, 252.6,Torgorm, £130.50, £129.50, 290.0p, 287.8p, Tigh Beag, Strathpeffer, £125, Clashinglash, Spinningdale, £122.50, (twice), £116.50, 267.8p, 260.6p, 247.5p,

Inchbae Farm, Garve, £122, 262.8p, 249.0p, The Cloy, £122, 271.1p, Rosebrae, Farm, £120,£116, 263.6p, Teawig, £119, 280.0p, 250 Rearquhar, Dornoch, £119, 264.4p, Glebe Farm, £117, 269.0p, Shoreton Farms, 277.1p, Fairview, 265.5p; SuffX – Torgorm, £129.50, £128, £126, £123, 287.8p, 276.4p, 273.9p, 269.5p, Corslet Farm, Fortrose, £125, Mains pf Draidland, 256.4p; Morayscairn Farm, Alves £126, Rosebrae Farm, £117, Torgorm, 269.1p, The Cloy, 262.8p; BF – Corslet Farm, £125, The cloy, £120, 272.7p, Fairview, £119.50, 267.5p,Teawig, £116, 269.8p Mariain, Evanton, 256.4p, £110, Glebe Farm, £110, 258.8p; Mule – Fairview, £120, 256.8p.

Feeding sheep: Tex ewe – Wester Moy, £232 & £218; TexX ewe– Kilcoy, Killearnan, £228, £206, £186, £174, £172, £168, £162, £160, £149, (twice), £148, £144, £143 & £124, Wester Moy, £211, Ardnagrask, £180, Enyhallow, £172, £133 & £126, Lochdhu, Nairn, £155, Allanglach, North Kessock, £132 & £125, South Clunes, £128; SuffX – Kilcoy, £186, £175 &£161, Morayscairn, £155, Torgorm, £138; Tex Ram – Teanroit, £168, Newton of Litterty, Cuminestown, £132; Chev Ram – Tigh Beag, Achterneed, £158, Kintail, Ferintosh, £140, Clashinglash, £139, £138 & £128; Llyn ewe – Morayscairn Farm, £138; Chev ewe – Muirton, Munlochy, £135 & £121; HB ewe – Badentoul, Fordyce, £128; Mule - Easter Dalziel, £125, Morayscairn, £124,

Corslet Farm, £120;Hill chev ewe - Kilcoy, £119, Lochdhu, £116; BF ewe – Morayscairn, £100, Corslet, £92.

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