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'Humdinger' of a Texel ewe breaks record as Dingwall Mart witnesses 'phenomenal' trade

By Hector MacKenzie

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Picture: Dingwall Auction Mart.
Picture: Dingwall Auction Mart.

PRIME cattle and sheep created plenty of attention at a Dingwall and Highland Marts sale today.

The mart sold 16 prime cattle and 1254 prime sheep.

Old season lambs (1118) averaged 253.6p (-2.2p) and sold to 283.3p for a pen of 42kg Beltex crosses from Drakemires Farm, Newmill and £153 gross for an 82kg Blue Faced Leicester from Sonnenalm, Dufftown.

Feeding sheep (136) sold to £312 gross for a Texel cross ewe from Wester Raddery, Fortrose.

Hogg trade was sharper on the week, however this rise wasn’t reflected in the sale average as more weight was on show. Well fleshed sorts of all weights were keenly bid for however leaner sheep met more of a hesitant return than of late.

It was "another phenomenal ewe trade" in Dingwall with not only a "colossal average" of £134 per head being recorded but a centre record and a British record being achieved for a cull ewe sold.

The mart said: "Enter the ring Mr Phillip Gill with his humdinger of a Texel ewe which cashed in at an astonishing £312. Overall trade was on fire yet again and the only disappointment of the day was that there wasn’t enough to satisfy the buyer’s order book.”

Other leading prices per head and per kg

Old season lambs: BFL – Sonnenalm, £140; SuffX – Easter Sheeppark, Balblair, £133, £120, 229.3p, Groam, Kirkhill, £122, 262.4p, Fendom Farm, Tain, £116, 256.5p, 252.2p; TexX – Easter Sheeppark, £132, Leys of Hillhead, Forres, £130, Dunearn Farm, Nairn, £128, £124, 270.6p, 265.9p, 260.7p, 258.3p, Shoreton Farms, £124, Kinchyle Farm, Scaniport, £124, £123, 260.4p twice, 5c Balnabeen, Conon Bridge, £123, £120, 259.3p, Guisachan Farm, Tomich, £122, Conan Mains, Conon Bridge, £121.50, South Clunes Farm, Kirkhill, £120, 255.3p, Upper Drakemires, Keith, 269.1p twice, 265.9p, Inshes Farm, 257.5p; Zwb – Marian, Culnaskeath, £130, Teawig, Beauly, £114, 237.5p;

BeltX – Shoreton Farms, £130, £128, £126, £125, £121, 279.6p, 265.3p, 261.2p, Upper Drakemires, £119, Inshes Farm, £119, £118 twice, 276.7p, 262.2p, Teawig, 271.3p, Badrain, Culbokie, 261.5p; Chev – 15 Glenconon, Uig, £127, £117.50, 238 Rearquhar, Dornoch, £124, 261.6p, The Cloy, Fortrose, £124, Teawig, £119, Raitcastle, Nairn, £117.50, 270.1p, 268.8p, Shoreton Farms, £117, Groam, £116, 260.7p, Upper Drakemires, 267.9p, 5c Balnabeen, 261.6p; CharX – Kinchyle Farm, £125.50, £120, 252.6p, Upper Drakemires, £120, 266.7p, South Clunes Farm, £120, 260.9p; Cross –Groam, £125, 255.1p, Rosebrae Farm, Elgin, £117, Upper Drakemires, 270.0p, 261.0p; BF – The Cloy, £121.50, £117, Teawig, £121, 263.0p, 261.0p, Groam, £119, 15 Glenconon, £119, Inshes Farm, £114.50, 263.2p, Raitcastle Farm, 265.9p; Mule – Groam, £121, 258.6p, 254.7p; CHM – Groam, £117.50, 267.1p; Lincoln Longwool – 4 Northwilds, Tain, £116.

Feeding sheep: Tex ewe – Wester Raddery, £222, £192, £186, Inshes Farm, £163; BFL ram – Sonnenalm, £204, BFL ewe – Sonnenalm, £187, £128, Wester Raddery, £180; Mule ewe – Badentoul, Fordyce, £180, £124; Suffx ewe – Badentoul, £178, £155, £135; TexX ewe – 5c Balnabeen, £171, £162, £148, £139, Pitcalnie, Nigg, £164, Teawig, £151, Inshes Farm, £136; Chev ewe – Wester Muckernich, Tore, £146, 5c Balnabeen, £140, £128, Pitcalnie, £126; BDM ewe –Wester Raddery, £137; BF ewe – Drynie Farm, Dingwall, £134, £115, Inshes Farm, £105.

Prime bullocks (6) averaged 253.8p (+21.8p) and sold to 262.0p per kg and £1,847.10 gross for a 705kg Charolais cross from Shoreton Farms, Culbokie.

Prime heifers (10) averaged 253.9p (+10.2p) and sold to 264.0p per kg for a 545kg Limousin cross from Newcairn, Drumoak and 264.0p per kg and £1,874.40 gross for a 710kg Charolais cross from Shoreton Farms, Culbokie

The verdict: “More handy weighted cattle were around this week which was a delight for the butchers. All classes were sharper in particular the bullocks which would be every bit as dear as the heifers.”

Other leading prices per kg:

Bullocks: Newcairn, (AAX), 256.0p, 252.0p, 250.0p, (CharX), 251.0p, 250.0p, Heifers: Newcairn, (LimX), 258.0p, (SimX), 257.0p, (Sim), 256.0p, Bridgend Farm, Dingwall, (LimX), 257.0p, 252.0p twice, 246.0p, Inshes Farm, Inverness, (SimX), 236.0p.

Other leading prices per head:

Bullocks: Newcairn, (AAX), £1,638.40, £1600.20, £1,450.00, (CharX), £1,450.00, £1,418.15.

Heifers: Bridgend Farm, (LimX), £1,648.20, £1,580.55, £1,499.40, £1,474.20, Inshes Farm, (SimX), £1,581.20, Newcairn, (Sim), £1,446.40, (LimX), £1,438.80, £1,328.70, (SimX), £1,259.30.

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