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Prime cattle and sheep sale prices from Dingwall and Highland Marts today

By Hector MacKenzie

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DINGWALL and Highland Marts Ltd today sold nine prime cattle and 868 prime sheep.

Prime bullocks averaged 237.1p (-0.8p) and sold to 248.0p per kg and £1,450.80 gross for a 585kg Limousin cross from Cullaird Farm, Scaniport.

Prime heifers (5) averaged 245.9p (+4.3p) and sold to 256.0p per kg for a 545kg Limousin cross from Cullaird Farm, Scaniport selling to Messrs Fraser Brothers, Butchers, Dingwall and £1,553.50 gross for a 650kg Limousin cross from Groam Farm, Kirkhill.

Other leading prices per kg:

Bullocks: East Murkle, Thurso, (AAX), 237.0p, 235.0p, 229.0p.

Heifers: Groam Farm, (LimX), 251.0p, 244.0p, 239.0p, Cullaird Farm, (LimX), 241.0p.

Other leading prices per head:

Bullocks: East Murkle, (AAX), £1,445.70, £1,419.80, £1,351.25.

Heifers: Groam Farm, (LimX), £1,488.40, £1,443.25, Cullaird Farm, (LimX), £1,395.20, £1,337.55.

In the sheep sale, old season lambs (562) averaged 245.3p (-10.7p) and sold to 279.1p per kg for a 43kg Beltex from 25 Camult Muir, Kiltarlity and £134 gross for a 55kg Beltex from Camult Muir, Kiltarlity and for a 67kg Cross from Dunearn Farm, Nairn.

Feeding sheep (306) sold to £198 gross for a Texel ewe from Hatton Farm Cottage, Dallas.

Auctioneer Luke Holmes said: “Despite an increased ringside of buyers the hoggs had to succumb to the falling national trend with hogg trade being easier on the week for all classes. It was the heavier sorts which took the biggest hit compared to the export weights.

"An increased number of buyers were also present within the ewe ring with trade being solid for all classes despite being slightly less on average than last week’s phenomenal prices. Notwithstanding the fact that the ring wasn’t graced with the same power as last week the sale still levelled at £100 per head.

"The heavy sorts continued to send vendors home with the best returns and many more of this commodity could easily have been sold.”

Other leading prices per head and per kg –

Old season lambs: TexX – Hatton Farm Cottage, Dallas, £131, £115, 250.0p, 249.4p, Achavrole Mains, Halkirk, £122, £119.50, £115.50, 253.9p, Achnagairn, Kirkhill, £118, £116, 244.2p, Lochdhu, Nairn, £118, 256.5p, 253.8p, Dunballoch, Beauly, £116, 241.7p, Brae of Coulmore, North Kessock, £115, 257.1p, 244.7p, Dunearn Farm, 253.5p; BeltX – Torgorm, Conon Bridge, £126, 268.1p, Inshes Farm, Inverness, £124, £117, £115, 272.5p, 254.4p, 252.8p, 251.6p, Badrain, Culbokie, £112, 257.5p, Firthview Croft, Strathpeffer, £110.50, 257.0p; Chev – 19 Holmisdale, Glendale, £124, Wester Muckernich, Tore, £115, £109.50, 248.9p, 242.1p, East Port, Grantown on Spey, £110, 255.8p, 8 Digg, Staffin, £109, 253.5p, Brae of Coulmore, £109, 250.6p, South Cuidreach, Earlish, £106.50, 256.6p, Firthview Croft, £101.50, 253.8p, 202Lednabirichen, Dornoch, 248.7p; SuffX – Shop Farm, Scotscalder, £122, Dunballoch, £117.50, 239.8p, Inshes Farm, £115.50, 245.7p, East Port, £114.50, £112, 251.7p, 243.6p, Hatton Farm Cottage, £113, £103.50, 258.8p, 256.8p, Lochdhu, £113, 251.1p, Invercharron, Ardgay, £105.50, 239.8p; BF – Blackford Farm, Croy, £120.50, 192.8p, Dunearn Farm, £112, 240.9p, Inshes Farm, £111, 241.3p; Cross – Teanluick Croft, Beauly, £120, 233.0p, Achavrole Mains, £118.50, Rosebrae Farm, Longmorn, £108, 251.2p, East Port, £106.50, 247.7p; Belt – 25 Camult Muir, £120; Mule – Lower Gaich, Dulnain Bridge, £114.50, £105.50, 248.2p, 241.1p; CHM – Hatton Cottage, £111.50, 245.1p, Dunearn Farm, £110, 255.8p, Tombreck, Dallas, £108, 251.2p.

Feeding sheep: BFL ram – Blackford Farm, £194, Lower Gaich, £150; Tex ewe – Wester Cairnglass, Gollanfield, £190, £143, Hatton Farm Cottage, £152, £140, Shop Farm, £133; BeltX ewe – 25 Camult Muir, £186; Belt ewe – 25 Camult Muir, £170; TexX ewe – Mulchaich, Conon Bridge, £148, £127, £119, Wester Muckernich, £140, Mid Fleenas, Nairn, £134,£120, Milton of Culloden, Inverness, £118; Tex ram – Pelaig, Dingwall, £146, 19 Holmisdale, £115; Suff ewe – Shop Farm, £142, Glendonan, Knockfarrel, £138; BeltX ram – Pelaig, £139; SuffX ewe – Milton of Culloden, £138, Wester Cairnglass, £130; TexX ram – Pelaig, £122; Mule ewe – Dunballoch, £119, £116, Mid Fleenas, £114; CHM ewe – Milton of Culloden, £117; Cross ewe – Hatton Cottage, £115; Chev ewe – Shewglie, Glenurquhart, £114, Bogburn, Dingwall, £108; BF ewe – Blackford Farm, £89.

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