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'Gargantuan returns' for vendors at Dingwall mart as major cattle sale is hosted

By Hector MacKenzie

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DINGWALL and Highland Marts Ltd sold 1020 Aberdeen Angus, Native Bred and Continental Store Cattle.

The pre-sale show was sponsored by the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society and Farm Ness, Dunain Mains and was judged by A Oag, Waterloo.

Aberdeen Angus bullocks (472) averaged 232.7p and sold to 320.0p per kilo for a 400kg Aberdeen Angus cross from Ardross Castle, Ardross and £1,500 gross for a 485kg Aberdeen Angus cross from Croft Martin, Insh.

Aberdeen Angus heifers (312) averaged 229.3p and sold to 255.6p per kilo for a 360kg Aberdeen Angus from Swordale Farm, Ardgay and £1,580 gross for a 690kg Aberdeen Angus from Culrain Mains, Ardgay.

Aberdeen Angus young bulls (24) sold to 233.0p per kilo for a 485kg Aberdeen Angus from Culrain Mains, Ardgay and £1,220 gross for a 565kg Aberdeen Angus also from Culrain Mains.

Other native bullocks (88) averaged 242.3p and sold to 278.5p per kilo for a 395kg Beef Shorthorn from Lochdhu, Nairn and £1,250 gross for a 517kg Beef Shorthorn from Balliefurth Farm, Grantown on Spey.

Other native heifers (39) averaged 215.6p and sold to 253.3p per kilo for a 383kg Luing Cross from Killimister Mains, Wick and £1,340 gross for a 612kg Beef Shorthorn from Balliefurth Farm, Grantown on Spey.

Continental bullocks (47) averaged 244.7p and sold to 279.5p per kg for a 415kg Limousin cross from Viewhill Croft, Easter Kinkell and £1,570.00 gross for a pair of 597kg Charolais crosses from Ardjachie, Tain.

Continental heifers (38) averaged 235.0p and sold to 276.2p per kg for a 315kg Charolais cross from Middleton of Brims, Thurso and £1,220 gross for a 480kg Limousin cross from Achue, Spinningdale.

Overall Champion – Ardross Castle, Ardross, £1280.

Reserve Champion – Ardjachie, Tain, £1480.

Aberdeen Angus Bullock

1 – Ardross Castle, £1280.

2 – Ardjachie, Tain, £1480.

Aberdeen Angus heifer

1 – Ardjachie, Tain, £1300.

2 – Midfearn Farms, Ardgay, £1140.

The verdict: “The annual Aberdeen Angus Show and sale was the highlight of the Dingwall Mart’s week. A tremendous turnout of cattle was forward selling to the usual full company of buyers. Trade wouldn’t be as fierce of that witnessed last year as last year’s sale posted colossal averages. Well-bred lengthy cattle met a firm enquiry whilst buyers were a little more hesitant on lighter, shorter heifers."

The pre-sale show was sponsored by the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society and Farm Ness, Dunain Mains. Judging proceedings lay in the hands of first-time judge Mr A Oag, Waterloo, Wick, "who conducted his duty to the highest standard". Our judge found his Champion in the bullock

class, consigned by Ardross Castle, Ardross just pipping the 1 st placed heifer consigned By Mr

Taylor, Ardjachie, Tain which took reserve placing.”

Other leading g prices per head and per kg:

Aberdeen Angus Bullocks 251-300kg – Broynach, Thurso, £740 & £720, 254.3 & 250.0p, Culrain

Mains, £710, 2 Earlish, Uig, 251.0p; 301-350kg – Charleston Farm, Thurso, £940, 278.1p, Nottingham.

Mains, Latheron, £920, 265.9p, Balloan, Conon Bridge, £910, 262.8p; 351-400kg – Woodside, Muir of Tarradale, £1,120, 306.9p, Nottingham Mains, £1,060, 269.7p, Charleston, £1,015, 268.9p; 401-

450kg – Charleston Farm, £1,210 & £1,170, 271.3p & 266.7p, Skirza Head, Wick, £1,145, Greenvale, Dunnett, 267.1p; 451-500kg – 2 Kingsburgh, Portree, £1,260, Ardross Castle, £1,250, Midfearn Farms, Ardgay, £1,240, Croft Martin, 309.3p, Castle of Mey Trust, Longoe, 262.0p, Lochdhu, 256.3p; 501-550kg – Midfearn Farm, £1,360 & £1,330, 249.5p & 245.4p, Viewhill Croft, Easter Kinkell, £1,300, Lochdhu, 250.5p; 551-600kg – Ardjachie, Tain, £1,480, 248.7p, Castle of Mey Trust, £1,480, 250.0p, 2 Kingsburgh, £1,400, 239.3p; Over 600kg – Ardjachie, £1,450, 234.6p.

Aberdeen Angus heifers up to 250kg – 2 Borgie, Skerry, £510, 214.3p; 251-300kg – Cragganvallie, Kiltarlity, £690, Broynach, 231.7p; 301-350kg – Middleton of Brims, Thurso, £830 & £800, 243.4p &234.6p, North Calder, Halkirk, £830, 246.3p; 351-400kg – Swordale Farm, £960, 252.6p, Middleton Of Brims, £950, 250.0p, 249.3p, North Calder, £935; 401-450kg – North Calder, £1,050, Midfearn Farms, £1,045, 243.0p, Balloan, £1,040, 241.5p, Skirza Head, 239.7p; 451-500kg – Bunchrew Farm, Inverness, £1,210 & £1,150, 253.1p & 243.6p, Charleston Farm, £1,150, Culrain Mains, 237.5p; 501-550kg – Ardjachie, £1,270, 232.2p, Castle of Mey Trust, £1,270, 237.4p, Wester Fearn, Ardgay, £1,180, 224.8p; 551-600kg – Ardjachie, £1,330, 232.1p; Over 600kg – Culrain Mains, £1,380, 209.1p.

Other native bullocks up to 250kg – Lochletter Farm, Cottage, Balnain, £400, 205.1p; 251-300kg – Killimister Mains, £700, Craiglands, Fortrose, £690, 233.9p, 233.3p, Strathnaver, Kinbrace, £650, 244.0p; 301-350kg – Hartmount Holdings, Lamington, £790, 232.4p, Strathnaver, £740, 242.6p,

Dunrobinglen, Golspie, £740, 227.7p; 351-400kg – Dunrobinglen, £830, Craiglands, £830, Killimister Mains, £800, Greenvale, 253.3p, Achue, Spinningdale, 248.1p, Comar, Cannich, 246.0p; 401-450kg – Lochdhu, £1,200, 277.8p, Broynach, £1,090, 248.9p, Balliefurth Farm, £1,020, 245.8p; 451-500kg – Balliefurth Farm, £1,230, 251.0p, Achue, £1,170, 249.5p.

Other native heifers up 250kg – Kintradwell Estate, £550, 222.7p, Bogburn, Duncanston, £430, 183.0p; 251-300kg – Kintradwell Estate, £600, 218.2p; 301-350kg – Hartmount Holdings, £720,

214.9p, Broynach, £670, 200.0p, Tomcluich, Nairn, £640, 191.0p; 351-400kg – Killimster Mains, £970, Kintradwell Estate, £880, 231.6p, Achue, £790, 219.4p, 221.6p; 401-450kg - Balliefurth Farm, £930, 224.1p, Tomcluich, £830, 188.6p; 451-500kg – Balliefurth Farm, £1,100, 238.1p, Lochdhu, £1,210, 242.0p; 551-600kg – Balliefurth Farm, £1,300, 218.5p.

Continental bullocks up to 250kg – 2 Cragganvallie, Kiltarlity, £580, 246.8p, Kintradwell Estate, £450, 204.6p; 251-300kg – 20 Rushgarry, Berneray, £610, 237.4p; 301-350kg – Balloan, Conon Bridge, £800, 245.4p, Kincardine Croft, Bonar Bridge, £740, 220.9p; 351-400kg – Greenvale, £1,000,

Smallburn Farms, Duffus, 262.5p, Lochdhu, £930, 262.0p, Fairburn Farms, £980, 257.9p;401-450kg – Viewhill Croft, £1,160, Smallburn Farms, 255.6p, Achue, £1,160, 235.3p, Fairburn Farms, £1,120,

245.1p; 451-500kg – Viewhill Croft, £1,200, Achue, 256.6p, Fairburn Farms, £1,090, 220.2p; 501- 550kg – Ardjachie, £1,250, 249.0p, Fairburn Farms, £1,220, 240.6p; 551-600kg – Smallburn Farms,

£1,480, £1,390 & £1,360, 247.9 & 236.8p, Ardjachie, 263.0p.

Continental heifers up to 250kg – 20 Rushgarry, £410, 186.4p; 251-300kg – Middleton of Brims,£680, 251.9p, Cragganvallie, £570, 223.5p; 301-350kg – Middleton of Brims, £870, 250.8p, Achue, £790, 219.4p; 351-400kg – Lochdhu, Nairn, £880, 239.8p, Viewhill Croft, £880, 237.8p; 401-450kg

Fairburn Farm, Urray, £1,060, Lochdhu, £1,040, 247.6p & 235.1p; 451-500kg – Lochdhu, £1,140, Achue, 254.2p, Strathglass Farms, Cannich, £1,000, 217.4p.

OTM cattle (44) averaged 189.1p and sold to 273.0p for a 550kg Aberdeen Angus cross cow from

Charleston Farm, Thurso and £2,320 for a 1300kg Charolais Bull from Kindeace Farm, Delny.

“The cull cows brought gargantuan returns the vendors today and a new to centre record was achieved in the OTM ring as £2,320 was shelled out for a Charolais bull. There was nowhere near the required numbers forward unfortunately and many more of all classes required to satisfy the demand.”

OTM cattle other leading prices per kg:

OTM cattle: Charleston Farm, Barrock, (AAX), 227.3p, Ose Farm, Struan, (Lim), 205.7p, Killimster Mains, Wick, (AAX), 205.1p, Braelangwell, Balblair, (BRB), 204.1p, AChalin Estate, (LimX), 201.7p,

Kinbeachie, Culbokie, (LimX), 195.0p, Achue, (CharX), 192.0p, Invereen Farm, Tomatin, 192.0p. OTM cattle other leading prices per head: OTM cattle: Achue, (CharX), £1,880, 4 & 5 Totescore, Portree, (SimX), £1,810, , Invereen, Tomatin, (LU), £1,700, Swordale Farm, Bonar Bridge, (AA), £1,520, Braelangwell, (BRB), £1,500, (LimX), £1,480, 153 Aultririe, West Clyne, (AAX), £1,430, Shawpark, Glaickmore, (Lim), £1,400.

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