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Prices from Dingwall and Highland Marts as store cattle 'surpass sellers' expecations'

By Hector MacKenzie

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DINGWALL and Highland Marts Ltd yesterday sold 576 store cattle, 34 adult head of breeding cattle and 47 OTM cattle.

Bullocks (320) averaged 263.5p and sold to 327.7p per kg for a pen of 235kg Limousin crosses from 14 Opinan, Gairloch and £1,330 gross twice for a pair of 482kg Charolais crosses from Kindeace, Alness and for a 530kg Limousin cross from Castlecraig Farms, Nigg.

Heifers (252) averaged 263.2p and sold to 375.0p per kg for a 240kg Limousin cross from Westburn, Thurso and £1,450 gross twice for a 575kg Charolais cross from Torgorm, Conon Bridge and for a 545kg British Blue from The Arr, Lethen.

Young Bulls (4) averaged 253.8p and sold to 284.0p per kg for a pair of 257kg Limousin crosses from 2 Kingsburgh, Portree and £1,010 gross for a 415kg Limousin cross from 10 Melvaig, Gairloch.

In calf heifers (31) sold to £2,000 gross twice for Simmental crosses from Tister, Halkirk.

In calf cows (2) sold to £1,060 gross for a Limousin cross from Craigton, Bonar Bridge.

Cow with calf at foot (1) sold to £1,580 gross for a Shorthorn cross with heifer calf at foot from 15 Balnadelson, Lairg.

OTM cattle (47) averaged 151.6p per kg and sold to 189.1p per kg for a 640kg Limousin cross from Croft Martin, Kingussie and £1,340 gross for an 830kg Shorthorn from Castlecraig Farms.

The verdict from the mart: “Store cattle once again surpassed all sellers' expectations, a mixed show of cows met an increased demand.”

Other leading prices per head and per kg:

Bullocks up to 250kg – Westburn, £780, 14 Opinan, £770, 2 Kingsburgh, £710, Westburn, 315.8p, 2 Kingsburgh, 315.6p, Balvullich Farm, Muir of Ord, 314.3p; 251 – 300kg – Westburn, £905, Balvullich Farm, £890, Easter Urray Farm, Muir of Ord, £880, Wester Lochend Farm, Inverness, 307.7p, Westburn, 306.8p, Easter Urray Farm, 303.5p

301 – 350kg – 2 Lochend, Thurso, £1,050, Tighnahinch, £1,045, Westburn, £970, Tighnahinch, 306.5p, 2 Lochend, 304.4p, Westburn, 298.5p; 351 – 400kg – Lower Whitebog, Fortrose, £1,150 twice, £1,120, Raitcastle Farm, Nairn, £1,110, Lower Whitebog, 294.6p, 290.9, 290.4p, 287.5p, Westburn, 281.6p, Raitcastle Farm, 278.2p; 401 – 450kg – 4 Glaick, Ardross, £1,220, 3 Glaick Ardross, £1,220, Raitcastle Farm, £1,210, 2 Lochend, 289.9p, Castlecraig Farms, 284.3p, Tighnahinch, 283.6p; 451 – 500kg – 2 Lochend, £1,300, Castlecraig Farms, £1,290, Kindeace, £1,280, Kindeace, 275.9p, 2 Lochend, 270.3p, Torgorm, 263.0p; 501 – 550kg - Alterwall, Lyth, £1,310, 4 Glaick, £1,300, Kindeace, £1,280, Castlecraig Farms, 250.9p, Alterwall, 249.5p, Raitcastle Farm, 248.5p.

Heifers up to 250kg – Westburn, £900, Garbeg, Drumnadrochit, £710, 2 Kingsburgh, £670, Balvullich Farm, 317.1p, 14 Opinan, 312.8p, Garbeg, 298.2p; 251 – 300kg – Eilburn, Conon Bridge, £825 twice, Tighnahinch, £820, Kintradwell Estate, £810, 291.4p, 21 Smith Terrace, Wick, 283.6p, Tighnahinch, 282.8p; 301 – 350kg – Raitcastle Farm, £970, £960, Tighnahinch, £960, Westburn, £950, 189 Fleucharry, Dornoch, £950, Lower Whitebog, 293.2p; Wester Craiglands, Fortrose, 289.0p, Kintradwell Estate, 278.5p; 351 – 400kg – Torgorm, £1,070, Wester Craiglands, £1,060, Raitcastle Farm, £1,050, 276.8p, Tighnahinch, 275.7p, Torgorm, 273.0p;401 - 450kg – Kindeace, £1,190, 3 Glaick, £1,180 twice, Tighnahinch, £1,175, 289.4p, Ardgayhill, Ardgay, 284.0p, Raitcastle Farm, 266.8p; 451 - 500kg – Kindeace, £1,220, £1,200, Milldam, Meikle Ussie, £1,210, £1,190, Wester Craiglands, £1,170, Milldam, 260.2p, 254.8p, Kindeace, 259.7p, Wester Craiglands, 254.4p; 501 - 550kg – Alterwall, £1,320, 1 Dounie, Edderton, £1,260, The Arr, £1,160, 266.1p, 1 Dounie, 242.3p, Alterwall, 242.2p; 551 - 600kg – Raitcastle Farm, £1,160, Torgorm, 252.2p.

In calf heifers: Tister, (SimX), £1,800 four times; (LimX), £1,780 twice; (SimX), £1,750 twice; (LimX), £1,650.

Other leading prices per head:

OTM cattle: Ashley, North Kessock, (LimX), £1,310; Castlecraig Farms, (LimX), £1,280, (BRB), £1,280 twice; Torgorm, (SimX), £1,250; Kindeace, (BSH), £1,230; Croick Estate, (AAX), £1,220.

Other leading prices per kg:

OTM cattle: Castlecraig Farms, (BRB), 184.2p; Craigton, Bonar Bridge, (LimX), 170.6p; Achany Farm, Lairg, (LimX), 174.8p; Ashley, (LimX), 165.8p; Castlecraig Farms, (LimX), 165.2p; Torgorm, (HiX), 163.5p.

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