Published: 15/12/2017 06:12 - Updated: 15/12/2017 07:01

Tain drop-in sessions throw spotlight on sites for new school campus


Possible sites for the proposed new 3-18 year old campus in Tain are being considered at the open drop-in session in the council chamber
Possible sites for the proposed new 3-18 year old campus in Tain are being considered at the open drop-in session
PROPOSALS for a new school campus catering for three to 18 year olds in Tain will come under scrutiny at a drop-in public consultation which locals are encouraged to attend in the town today.


The local community council and Tain and Easter Ross Civic Trust have combined to produce conceptual layouts for the sites under consideration for selection by Highland Council.

This follows concerns about the suitability of one of the possibilities, the existing Tain Royal Academy site, voiced by a number of locals.

The four sites being looked at are Craighill, land close to the Asda superstore and Kirksheaf, in addition to the original Tain Royal Academy (TRA) site on Scotsburn Road.

The first three are all greenfield sites each much larger than TRA and all located within the boundary of the A9 by-pass.

The first drop-in session is planned for Friday between 1pm-8pm at the council chamber. The plan is to gather public and stakeholder opinion on design, layout and location to help inform input to the public engagement exercise.

The community council believes that by adopting a modular approach to the project we believe the build can be speeded up and the cost reduced.

Community council chairman said: “What we will have on display is not a proposal, merely an indication of what might be feasible and sufficient hopefully to stimulate thought processes and stir imaginations to help the community understand better what is going to be provided on their behalf, and how it might be delivered and be made to work on the three alternative sites to TRA.

“In turn, we aim to inform better the community council’s appreciation of what the community considers it needs and expects from the campus development.

"We will then be in a better position to assist Highland Council in its project deliberations. We don’t believe the public engagement exercise was particularly effective last time round which is part of the reason maybe we ended up with a planning application which raised more questions than it really answered.

"New means of consultation have been asked for and we think this initiative can make a worthwhile contribution.”

Today's drop-in is intended as the first in a series of open sessions.

Do you have a view about the best location for a new 8super-school' in Tain? Email us at

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