Published: 31/07/2012 12:56 - Updated: 31/07/2012 13:06

Invergordon female and dog injured by "large cat"

copsA DOG and its female owner were injured in an encounter with a large "feral" cat in an Invergordon garden, according to police.

Northern Constabulary issued a statement today (Tuesday) advising the public not to approach the animal, which is described as a "larger than normal" black cat.

It was sighted at 1pm last Thursday when it was disturbed in the rear garden of a house in Inverbreakie.

The cat injured the dog and its owner as it tried to flee – the pet suffered a cut eyelid and the female was scratched on her arms as she intervened.

The animal is described as cat-like, slightly bigger than a domestic cat but not as large as a "big cat".

The police believe it is quite possible that there are feral-type cats in various parts of the Highlands, which may be bigger than a domestic feline.

In recent years sightings of such animals in this area and other parts of the country have not been unusual and members of the public are urged not to be unduly concerned but to continue their business as usual.

Any further sightings should be reported to the police on 0845 600 5703 and if seen, the public are advised not to approach the animal.

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