Published: 11/07/2017 06:00 - Updated: 09/07/2017 16:07

Paradise regained as volunteers clear popular Dingwall woodland of litter


Ready for action, the clear-up squad in Paradise Woods.
Ready for action, the clear-up squad in Paradise Woods.
GLASS bottles from drinkers using a local woodland in Dingwall have been cleared up by volunteers.


In an ongoing drive to improve Paradise Woods – a popular area for walkers – the volunteers also cut back overhanging rhododendron bushes from the two main pathways into the woods.

As well as getting rid of general litter, they removed woodland debris from paths and used the material to create wildlife habitat piles.

The effort was co-ordinated by Dingwall Community Council, with local Girl Guides and other volunteers taking part under the watchful eye of countryside ranger Marcia Rae.

Community council secretary Sara-Lynn McCallum said: “Our aim for the day was to do a general tidy-up and litter pick down the ‘back track’ as far as Tulloch Castle, which was successfully completed.

“The Guides did an excellent job of collecting smaller sticks and branches from the ground, many left over from the felling of dangerous and storm-damaged trees earlier in the year, to create habitat piles.

“The adult volunteers cut back an old wired fence and moved larger bits of wood to the habitat piles.”

She said there was evidence of a fire being lit in the woods, directly under an overhanging tree. “This has been discussed at the community council meetings, the police are aware and have spoken to some individuals about this,” she added.

“There are also a lot of enthusiastic suggestions for Paradise Woods, including information boards about the Tulloch Castle gardens, which once occupied the area, replanting trees and even a suggestion about an outdoor learning space in the the newly-cleared area of storm damaged trees.

“It’s very early days but it is exciting to share ideas and hear so much enthusiasm.

“There is a significant number of volunteer groups and individuals working to make the town a better place to live, and we are hoping to do another litter pick in a few weeks.”

* To get involved in Dingwall volunteer activity, get in touch via the community council website or Facebook account, or the council offices at Ross House on the High Street.

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