Published: 11/04/2018 07:00 - Updated: 06/04/2018 13:49

Muir volunteers rally after attack

Written byHector MacKenzie


Volunteers rallied in the wake of the vandalism, restoring the orchard within 24 hours.

A "heartbreaking" vandalism attack has brought a Muir of Ord community closer together after locals rallied round to restore the damage.

A number of fruit trees planted by MOO Food volunteers were trashed on Friday last week – prompting an immediate response from locals.

Emma Whitham, the founding director of MOO Food, said: "Disappointingly the orchard was vandalised early Friday evening. What was amazing was the outcry and support from the community. Everyone came together and showed immense solidarity and in less than 24 hours it was back to normal. 

"A large number of volunteers turned out on Saturday morning to repair damage, including one of the perpetrators, who took the opportunity to right his wrong. MOO Food is keen to engage all sections of the community, including our teenagers. There is a wonderful sense of pride and community spirit in Muir of Ord, which was displayed this weekend and this makes me feel very hopefully that projects will go on to benefit generations to come."

There was more to celebrate on Saturday when the social enterprise officially opened another of its projects, a community fridge.

The fridge allows people and businesses to share perfectly good surplus food, rather than throwing it away. Anyone can donate and food in this space is free to anyone.

The project includes the community orchard and growing boxes. The Muir of Ord Hall & Facilities Company agreed to house the fridge shed on their property and pay for the electricity to run it.

Ms Whitham said: "I am super excited that Muir of Ord has its own community fridge. This is such a simple, yet effective idea to help reduce our environmental impact and address issue of food poverty. Initiatives like this bring communities together and increase our resilience.  I really hope the local restaurants, retailers and individuals take the opportunity to use fridge."

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