Published: 06/07/2018 13:00 - Updated: 06/07/2018 12:39

Did heat cause Dingwall slabs to crack?

Written byPhilip Murray


Dingwall paving
Paving slabs in Dingwall High Street lifted up after a loud bang was heard.

SHOPPERS in Dingwall were left bemused as the heatwave continued to wreak havoc across the Highlands.

Highland Council was forced to jump into action, cordoning off part of a pavement after slabs expanded and rose up, creating a trip hazard.

Witnesses reported hearing a loud bang at around 2.45pm on Tuesday, with some locals speculating that the soaring temperatures might be to blame.

However, some shopkeepers claimed a similar incident took place in cold weather a year ago.

A Highland Council spokesperson said: "The paving on Dingwall High Street was repaired within 48 hours after the incident on Monday. It is not clear why the paving moved but the extreme heat is suspected to be the cause."

Meanwhile, emergency services were also called into action to tackle wildfires, including one in the Coulhill area of Alness on Tuesday.

Firefighters were called to the scene of the 1000sqm blaze at around 10.30am, and remained on the scene for several hours before the fire was brought under control.

And farmers in the area have voiced concerns that straw supplies could be set to run out amid the ongoing dry spell, with the National Farmers’ Union urging members to be proactive in negotiating reasonable prices.

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