Published: 20/12/2011 16:06 - Updated: 20/12/2011 16:11

Alness quitter has key to success!

This Alness man reckons the secret to quitting smoking is deceptively simple
This Alness man reckons the secret to quitting smoking is deceptively simple

WITH thoughts now turning to new year resolutions, an Alness man reckons he has stumbled on the secret for cracking one of the toughest of them all.

With stopping smoking amongst the top vows made come the turn of the year, Madison Addams is urging others to sign up to the Smoke-Free Home Challenge.

The 47-year-old successfully quit in April this year   and credits first making his home smoke-free as playing a big part in achieving his goal.

He said, “I have tried stopping before using Champix on one occasion and lozenges on another but I didn’t stick at it.I wanted to stop, especially as my wife successfully quit the first time round, so I was determined to keep trying.

“My smoking cessation advisor had explained the Smoke-Free Home Challenge to me and I was more than happy to give it a go. At the beginning of April this year I went back to using Champix and also signed up to the Smoke-Free Homes and Cars Project. I have not had a cigarette since April 20.”

The Smoke-Free Home Challenge involves smokers and non-smokers promising to make part or their entire home, and their car, smoke-free for themselves, their family and friends.

Eve MacLennan, based in the Mid Highland Community Health Partnership (CHP), is the smoking cessation advisor who supported both Mr Addams and his wife when they stopped smoking.

She said, “Having a smoke-free home is better for those around you as it stops them breathing in secondhand smoke. It can also, as Mr Addams has proved, ultimately help you stop smoking completely."

Anyone who’d like advice or a free Smoke-Free Homes pack to get them started can contact the Smoke-Free Homes line on: LO-CALL 0845 7573077 or speak to a health professional in their area.

For more information to give up smoking, you can contact the Highland Smoke-Free Service on Tel: 0800 84 84 84 or e-mail

Full story in this week's Ross-shire Journal.

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