Japan adventure on the Kumano Kodo pilgrim trail

Published: Fri 17 Nov 2017

One of the temples and the sacred waterfall at Kumano Nachi Taisha

The previous Japan adventure was in the cities of Osaka and Kyoto, and from there it is easy to take the "Ocean Arrow" train to Kii Tanabe in Wakayama province. Wakayama means "poetry of the mountains".

Swiss culture adventure - Champéry and Riederalp

Published: Fri 03 Nov 2017

The shrinking Aletsch glacier

Switzerland is such a land of contrasts, especially with its four languages. Each part fiercely speaks only its own language, to the exclusion of the other languages, apart from English, which they all seem to speak. It certainly makes it easier for us!

Unexplored Netherlands - Terneuzen

Published: Fri 20 Oct 2017

Wilibrord's Tower hands in splendid isolation in Terneuzen

There is a surprising variety in the different parts of the Netherlands, if you go off the beaten track. One such area, largely unknown to UK tourists, is Zeeland Flanders.

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