Published: 06/07/2007 00:00 - Updated: 30/11/2011 12:09

Fishermen spellbound by tame fishing 'monster

REBECCA Urquhart, daughter of the late Robert Urquhart and of Highland Councils vice-convener Jean Urquhart, married Gary Craig of Glasgow a couple of weeks ago in the family hotel, The Ceilidh Place. Rebecca worked as a chef in Glasgows Café Gandolfi until very recently. She was then appointed manager to the new restaurant next door, Gandolfi Fish. (It was reviewed in last Saturdays Herald and received a rating that put it in the reviewers top dozen restaurants in Scotland). Gary is a musician his band Blimp is the warm-up band for the Alex Harvey Band. Gary also runs Arc, the rehearsal studios in Glasgow and lots of members of the bands who rehearse there turned up for the wedding dance. The skies, which had been full of rain for days, cleared for Rebeccas and Garys wedding day and the sun came out so the marriage ceremony was able to be held in The Ceilidh Place gardens. Now after a short break in Tuscany its back to work for the pair of them. We send our best wishes to Rebecca and Gary for a very happy life together. * I HAVE now received from Inverness reference library a copy of the article on mermaids printed in the Inverness Advertiser on 20th January 1832. The man who reported seeing the mermaid said he was crossing in a boat from Ullapool, when opposite the Green Stone point, the crew discovered a figure, apparently that of a man, sitting upon a rock, and engaged in fishing. As it was unusual to find any person fishing on the Sabbath day, the men rowed the boat towards the object of their curiosity, and to their utter amazement found it to be partly the likeness of a human being, of which the uppermost half resembled a female, and was white as snow, and the other half was of a sky blue colour, and had fins and a tail like a fish. The monster was very tame, and the crew say that it did not seem to be afraid of them, and it had soft rolling eyes, and gazed at them for some time, occasionally turning towards some sea-maws that were flying above in the air! (Sea-maws are seagulls.) Thanks again to Donald Macdonald-Ross of Niagara who also sent me a transcript of the article. Donalds great grandmother was a Chirsty Macdonald from Reiff in Coigach and he has been doing a great amount of genealogy research. He has a homepage dealing with the history and genealogy of Coigach at

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