Don't give your garden a holiday

Escholzia, Gardening

THERE'S no reason your garden has to end up looking like a sea of straggly, wilted plants while you're on holiday, even if you don't have neighbours or friends who'll water it while you are away.

A taste of summer

Published: Mon 21 Jul 2014

Garden Patio

THE first rule of your home's patio or outdoor deck echoes the first rule (for many) of the home itself; location, location, location.

Get cracking at home

Published: Wed 09 Apr 2014

Easter Bunny Decorations

EASTER egg hunts, a celebration lunch and time with the family are the pleasures of the upcoming holiday, but don't forget one key element of the preparations - setting the scene at home.

Gardening is child's play

Published: Tue 08 Apr 2014

Children Gardening, Gardening

IF the weather is fine this Easter, (and it's beginning to look like it might be), many parents will be wanting to sort out their gardens - and hopefully encouraging their children to give them a hand along the way.

Season's gleamings

Published: Mon 07 Apr 2014

Spring Clean

SPRING is in the air and it's time for that annual ritual - giving rooms a good clean and polish.

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