Reflections from Ross-shire - Friday, 3rd September, 1915

Bridgend Primary, probably around 1953, with headmaster Mr Murchison. Picture courtesy of Samuel Kennedy, Alness.

AT a meeting of a the Town Council on Monday, Dr Mackenzie raised the question of the Public School being given for billeting purposes, and putting the children in other premises, where there were no sanitary conveniences. He held it was dangerous and illegal.

Reflections of Ross-shire

Published: Sat 15 Aug 2015

Fishermen at a netting station at the mouth of the Conon in the 1950s.

Friday, 13th August, 1915 HARVEST in Ross-shire - The superabundance of rain during July means harvesting will be later than last year.

Reflections of Ross-shire

Published: Sun 19 Jul 2015

Kyle Football Team in 1949: J Fraser, Len Rowe, D MacKay, H Munro, A Matheson, Stewart Jamieson, Jack Barclay, Ali Mackay, Hamish Mackenzie, Ken Clarkson, Bob Barclay. Picture courtesy of Helen Moore, Kyle of Lochalsh

100 years ago Friday, 16th July, 1915 WRITING from the trenches, with a mess tin for a desk, a 14th Seaforth tells a tale of plum duff.

Reflections of Ross-shire

Published: Sat 11 Jul 2015

Pupils at Conon Bridge School pictured in 1957.

100 Years Ago Friday, 9th July, 1915 STRATHPEFFER Notes - There are perhaps on the whole more people at the Spa just now than was the case at the same time last year.